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Our client's application comes equipped with a variety of amazing features, all of which contribute to an amazing user experience. Including features like: custom designing your application,Shoutcast/Icecast support,user engagement,social media and a lot more...

Android & iOS Versions Android & iOS Versions

Our apps are built from scratch in Java and Objective C, our smooth-running apps are accessible on both new and old models of smartphones, and the latest mobile technologies are supported by our services.

Custom Design Templates Custom Design Templates

The best professionals in the design business have crafted the ultimate look for your app. You will be able to choose between two available templates, either light or dark. Both templates will offer you endless color options to enjoy.

Advanced Control Panel Advanced Control Panel

This feature represents the very brain of your app, with it, you will be able to benefit from countless highly advanced features, including precise statistics and easy access to updating your app. Our professional developers saw to it that you have almost no need to contact us if you master the Advanced Control Panel; it will enable you to put every thought into action through a detailed, yet simple dashboard.

Shoutcast/Icecast Support Shoutcast/Icecast Support MP3/CDN/Streaming Services

The in-app player is designed to support Icecast and Shoutcast radio servers and enable a smooth transfer between tracks and your overall radio program. During every track, the name and image of the artist, as well as the name of the current song, will be displayed near the player.

Multi Channels Multi Channels

This option can allow your app to play several radios at the same time, with an interactive and easy slide between them.

Contact Contact

This option will allow all your listeners to contact the radio in real time via SMS, e-mail and phone call.

Social Social

Your listeners will absolutely love the possibility of being connected to your radio station via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and many others, where they can "like" your station and share their favorite songs.

Chat Chat

You have the option of adding chat to your radio app at any time for the purpose of making your radio station more socially active and bringing more active listeners in the loop; our advanced panel settings will enable you to manage the chat option as you see fit.

Recent Songs Recent Songs

At the core of every popular radio is good music; this feature will display the last song that was played, complete with an image and informational text about the artist. Additionally, an Amazon or iTunes link to order the song will also be available.

Promotional Video

Developed using a range of great features, this app is easy to use and helps you easily spread your radio station to your audience. For more information on how this app works, you can watch the related video.