Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Open Close What languages does the app support?

Our apps are translated to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Netherlands, Arabic, Greek and Russian. The app will load in the device׳s language or in English as default if the device׳s language is not supported. The app׳s language can be changed in settings.

Open Close What iOS and Android OS versions does the current app support?

Our mobile applications support the most popular iOS and Android OS versions. Recommended - iOS 12+ and Android 8.1+ (minimum iOS 9+ and Android OS 4.1+).

Open Close What does AdMob integration mean?

Google AdMob is ads platform that Google built. The use of it is very simple. After you pay for this add-on with a one-time payment, you sign up for Google AdMob and create ad codes. All the steps are described with images in our tutorial: Sign up for Google AdMob

Open Close What are the requirements I need to fulfill before ordering?

Before you order, please be sure that you have an active radio server. We will ask you for your radio name and, radio description also to fill a couple of tags about your radio.The images needed you can provide us with the images needed or pay a $50 one-time payment for our designer to make it for you.

Open Close What is the difference between yearly and monthly plans?

Yearly payments are between 30%-70% cheaper than monthly payments, and we really recommend and prefer it. The reason that it's cheaper is because we do a lot of work to prepare and submit the app and work on the new updates.

Open Close Can I switch between plans after the order?

Yes, of course it can be done. If you have a monthly plan or basic plan, by opening a ticket, you can ask us to upgrade your package to a Full House plan, or to a yearly plan or both.

Open Close What types of payments can be used?

We support in all major payment types, including PayPal, credit card, Skrill, bank transfers and many local payment cards.

Open Close Do radio server included in the plans?

No. Listen2MyApp just provides the mobile applications.For radio servers, you can check out our parent service called, but it's not a must to use our radio servers. The service also supports other companie's servers.

App Store/Play Store
Open Close Does the price include app submission to App Store and Play Store?

Yes. The price includes the app submission to the App Store and Play Store, and it includes the submission we do in each app update.

Open Close Do I need to create/open a developer account in Google׳s Play Store or iTunes Connect?

For Android App defiantly no need to open a developer account. We submit the Android app through our developer account. But for the iOS app, Apple changed recently the guidelines that the developer account of the app should be the content owner; in other words, it's the radio owner. After the client opens Apple's developer account, he should provide us the login credentials that we could submit the app for review on his behalf. (The Apple Developer Program annual fee is 99 USD)

Open Close Do I need to contact Listen2MyApp when I want to change something in the app?

Our control panel is easy to use and very advanced. You can change almost all text and images in the app. In addition, the design can also be changed live in the app without submitting the app gain. So each change will be seen in the app immediately.

Open Close Can I use Listen2myapp if I don't have knowledge in design or coding?

Of course you can. All our systems and dash board areis easy to use, and you don't need any professional knowledge except basic knowledge of English and browser use.

Open Close What radio servers does the app support?

The application can play Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2 and Icecast v2And of course all the popular services,, SAMcloud, Radionomy, Airtime and more..

Open Close What video servers does the app support?

The application can play RTMP stream in http URL.

Open Close What encoding does the app support?

The application supports streams encoded in MP3, AAC and OGG. *-OGG is supported only through Icecast and Android.

Open Close If I already have an application, can it be upgraded?

The application can be upgraded only if you transfer the app to our developers account. We will send you the steps for how to do it, after the order is made.

Open Close Will my apps be up to date when new mobile systems are released?

Yes. As developers, we receive access to the newest OS even before it appears to the public, so we will check, test it and update the app to work smoothly in all OS versions, both Apple iOS and Google Android.

Listen2MyApp for you
Open Close How I can make money from my application?

You can use Google AdMob. Google AdMob is ad platform that Google built. How can you use it? After you pay for this add-on with a one-time payment, you sign up for Google AdMmb and create ad codes. After you update the ad codes in our control panel, you start making money. Each click will generate revenue. Notice that you are not allowed to click on your own ads. All the steps are described with images in our tutorial: How to use AdMob.

Open Close What if I need some feature that does not exist?

Our service is constantly upgrading, and we have a long list of features and add-ons we are working on and planning to add. You can always contact us and check with us to see if we are already working on feature that you need. If not, we will add it to our to- do lists. If it is an urgent feature, you can ask us to build it as a custom development.

Open Close Does Listen2MyApp have an API?

Currently, we don't have API, but we are working on it. We really hope that our API will be ready closer to second part of 2015.